Jersey City Does The Right Thing

In a press release, the City announced that it was finally dropping the last part of its counter-lawsuit against Friends of the Loew's that was aimed at breaking our lease of the Theatre. If you're a little confused because this sounds like old news and also because at the beginning of 2017 Mayor Steve Fulop pledged to build a new relationship with FOL -- here's the story: Back in 2015 FOL did win a court victory upholding our lease, but the City appealed this. Then at the start of this ...

Volunteer at the Landmark Loew’s Jersey

Volunteering at the Loew's -- getting involved because you believe the Loew's Jersey is worth your time & effort -- is a tradition that began when a small group came together to try to do something that most other people thought was impossible:  fight to save this landmark Theater from demolition.  After that hard battle was finally won, Jersey City promised lots of support to reopen the long-derelict Loew's as an arts center for our community.  But unfortunately, much of that promised suppo...
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