Jersey City Does The Right Thing

In a press release, the City announced that it was finally dropping the last part of its counter-lawsuit against Friends of the Loew’s that was aimed at breaking our lease of the Theatre.

If you’re a little confused because this sounds like old news and also because at the beginning of 2017 Mayor Steve Fulop pledged to build a new relationship with FOL — here’s the story:

Back in 2015 FOL did win a court victory upholding our lease, but the City appealed this. Then at the start of this year, Mayor Fulop did reach out to FOL, and we reached back — and since then we’ve been talking about how to build a new relationship that will benefit the Loew’s. Then in early Spring the Appellate Court ruled on the City’s appeal, finding that everything the first judge had found in favor of FOL’s lease was valid — but that he had apparently not addressed one remaining charge the City had tried to make, namely that FOL had somehow breached the lease. We had not, and were confident we’d win on that point too, but because Mayor Fulop had said he realized the City should work with FOL, not fight us, we hoped the City would simply drop the remaining complaint, and we’d be able to get on with building that new relationship.

Unfortunately, the City’s Law Department at first seemed to want to carry on, filing court papers that made some of the same old knocks against us. But FOL was again able to give the Court info showing that the facts did not support the City’s claims. And then Mayor Fulop stepped in, and ordered that the suit finally be ended.

In the press release announcing this, the Mayor also reaffirmed another commitment he had made at the beginning of the year, to have the City cooperate with FOL again in carrying out the important safety and health upgrades to the Loew’s that FOL had received a County grant for. And he even reaffirmed that repairs will be made so that the awful scaffolding that’s been at the back of the Theatre since he took office can be be removed.

All of this means the Loew’s is off to good start for the Summer!

We expect to keep talking with the City to flesh out the new working relationship. We’ll keep you posted on how the important grant-funded work is going.

And by next week, we’ll roll out our annual Summer Volunteer Help Plans, and let you know how you can be a part.

Stay tuned!