Make Your Mark On History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . At The Loew’s Jersey — Volunteer This Summer!

Chandelier Montage 

They are among the most attention-getting objects in the Loew’s.  And they were among the first things FOL volunteers cleaned and restored when we began our work of reopening the then-shuttered Loew’s years ago.

But as time has marched on, once new bulbs have burned out and dust has re-settled, again dulling crystals.  Over the years we’ve re-cleaned and re-lamped the Lobby chandelier a few times, and now we need to do it yet again.  But we have not touched the Auditorium Pendants again since their restoration – and now they really need a sprucing up!

Skills Needed:   The Lobby Chandelier and the Auditorium Pendants lower, but they still require ladders to completely reach.  Some of their parts are delicate and intricate.  While some of the crystals on the Pendants will likely be removed for cleaning, the crystals on the Chandelier and the basic structure of all three of the fixtures will be cleaned in place.  Therefore, people who volunteer for this project will need to be comfortable working on ladders and also be OK with the need to take time, care and some patience in cleaning delicate and detailed parts.  At least one FOL volunteer who has previously worked on these lighting fixtures will give initial instructions and be on site for guidance.

Tools & Supplies That Will Be Provided:  Non-caustic cleaners, painter’s rags, microfiber cloths, soft brushes, a vacuum cleaner, medium based light bulbs and ladders.

Number of People Needed:  Two to four at any one time.

Length Of Project:  Each of the two Auditorium Pendants is expected to take two to three days, and the Lobby Chandelier will take three to five – but they don’t necessarily have to be consecutive.

Commitment:   We ask people who want to help with this exciting project to commit at least one day.  But we because some consistency and the ability to utilize experience gained is important in this kind of project, we hope that at least one person will be able to work through to the completion of at least one fixture.

To get involved with this project, or for more info, email:

Or call (201) 798-6055

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