Make Your Mark On History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . At The Loew’s Jersey — Volunteer This Summer!

Aud Rear Wall Before&After

Back in 1974 when the Loew’s was converted into a multiplex, ugly walls were built to carve up its one big, grand auditorium into several smaller cinemas. Tearing out the multiplex and restoring the Auditorium to its original size and grandeur was the very first volunteer project that FOL undertook after saving the Loew’s from demolition. But we decided to leave the two non-original rooms that had been built as add-on projection booths on the main floor at the rear of the Auditorium for one simple reason:  As big a building as the Loew’s is, it has surprisingly little of the support space needed for modern theatre operations, so the space those rooms provide is very useful. Sometimes, preservation requires a practical compromise between the goal of exact restoration and the need for a historic building to operate in modern times.  The add-on projection booth on house right of center aisle was re-purposed for audio and other tech uses. And the room on house left now provides much needed storage.

To make those useful but decidedly non-original looking rooms fit in a little better amid their grand setting, we want to create and hang red drapes on their from walls to resemble the look of the brocade panels that line the original Auditorium walls.

So if you have experience sewing, you can very much make your mark on history this summer.

Skills:  Sewing & cutting heavy fabric, measuring, creating patterns and templates.

Tools & Materials That Will Be Provided:  We will provide the fabric, thread and all other supplies needed, but you will need to have your own sewing machine.

Length of Project:  Measuring will take an hour or so; prep and sewing are expected to take two to three days.

Commitment:  We ask that the person who takes this project on will see it through.

To get involved with this project, or for more info, email:

Or call (201) 798-6055

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