Make Your Mark On History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . At The Loew’s Jersey — Volunteer This Summer!

Big Table

When the Loew’s was new, its Lobby was furnished with chairs, tables, etc., in order to further the impression of being in a grand mansion or palace.  Sad to say, most of that furniture was removed long before FOL took custody of the Theatre.  Fortunately, we’ve been given some pieces to help recreate the original intent of a grandly furnished space.  One of the most spectacular – and useful – of those donated furniture pieces is the very large table that’s located at the rear of the Lobby, just outside the Auditorium.   Though it’s not originally from the Loew’s, it is historic in its own right:  it came from the old Exchange Place headquarters of First Jersey Bank, which was for years New Jersey’s largest, most influential bank.  The table was given to FOL when the old First Jersey Building was sold.  The Loew’s Lobby is one of the few other spaces in Jersey City where a table that big can look in scale! 

The table has become part of the life of the Loew’s – exhibiting classic film-related memorabilia and concert-related merchandise, supplying a base for the big Christmas tree that’s part of our annual Meet Santa community event, and even serving as a head table during weddings.  But the finish of the table was worn when we got it, and has become more so since.  Also, the arched legs loosened and sagged under the table’s weight.  FOL’s Facility Manager is re-gluing and strengthening the legs.  And this summer we want to refinish the table.

Skills Needed:  Some past experience with furniture refinishing would be helpful.  A long-time FOL volunteer who leads the work to refinish the wooden armrest of the Auditorium seating will overseeing this project.

Tools & Materials That Will Be Provided:   Professional strength finish remover, steel wool, sandpaper, gloves, electric palm sander, vacuum, painter’s rags, paint brushes, polyurethane finish.

Number of People Needed:  One to three at any one time.

Length of Project:  Four to six days; can be non-consecutive.

Commitment:  We ask that persons interested in this project be able to commit at least one day.

To get involved with this project, or for more info, email:

Or call (201) 798-6055

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