Make Your Mark on the Marquee

MarqueeCollage7FOL is always finding ways to do a lot with limited resources.  One of the earliest examples of this was our complete restoration of the Loew’s Marquee, which back in the 1990s was a wreck of broken glass, burned out bulbs, peeling paint and tarnished metal.  What was estimated to cost tens of thousands of dollars, we did for just hundreds with lots of volunteer help.  But of course time marched on, and so two summers ago we began a phased maintenance project for the restored Marquee.  So far, we’ve repainted and re-lamped the front sign box, cleaned the glass and stainless steel track, and polished one of the “Loew’s Jersey” front panels.  This summer we hope to polish the other Loew’s panel, as well as clean and re-lamp the chaser bulb raceways that frame the Marquee.  If you help, everytime you go past the Loew’s, you can piont to its big marquee and proudly say “I helped do that!”

Skills Needed:  The Marquee is — obviously — not at ground level, and so working on it will require people who are OK with working at heights, either on a manlift or on a ladder.  The work itself is pretty straight forward: cleaning and polishing.

Tools & Supplies That Will Be Provided:  Non-caustic cleaners and polish, painter’s rags, medium based light bulbs, and ladders.

Number of People Needed:  One to three at any one time.

Length of Project:   Four to six days; can be non-consecutive.

Commitment:  We ask that anyone who wants to help with the Marquee project be able to work at least one day.

To get involved with this project, or for more info, email:

Or call (201) 798-6055

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