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Pipe Rail

Just this past April, FOL put into service the new Tech Platform we’ve been creating at the rear of the Auditorium.  This finally makes it possible to control stage lighting AND audio from the rear of the house, as is the norm in most modernly equipped theatres.  It’s another big step in FOL’s ambitious but absolutely critical work of moving the Loew’s forward so it can more easily support a wider and more frequent schedule of live programming.  The Tech Platform is so new, in fact, that we’re still working on it.  One refinement that may not seem especially high tech, but which is nevertheless important is installation of a pipe railing, or guard, around the perimeter — not very different from what is built around the tech platform in countless other theatres. 

Skills Needed:  Minor construction (plumbing experience counts, since the railing will be made out of pipe). 

Tools & Materials That Will Be Provided:   All pipe, setscrew fittings, flanges with wood screws (for attachment to floor), wrenches, hand and electric saws, screwdrivers, drill.

Number of People Needed:  One lead; possibly one helper.

Length of Project:  One to two days.

Commitment:  We ask that the person who takes on this project will complete it.

To get involved with this project, or for more info, email:

Or call (201) 798-6055

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