Make Your Mark On History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . At The Loew’s Jersey — Volunteer This Summer!

Cleaqn, Polish, Maintain

OK –  we admit this doesn’t sound very glamorous.  But the fact is these tasks are absolutely VITAL to preserving a big, historic building such as the Loew’s and operating it as a mixed use arts center.  If you are interested in helping do these things, we can truly say that you are indispensable to the Loew’s!

Every day that the Loew’s is open for volunteer work, this project will be ongoing.

Skills Needed:  The willingness to help!  Some bending and lifting may be necessary at times.

Tools & Supplies That Will Be Provided:  Non-caustic cleaners, painter’s rags, microfiber cloths, soft brushes, a vacuum cleaner, brooms, dust pans, mops & mop buckets, dust masks, gloves, knee pads.

Number of People Needed:  One to four people can help with this project at any one time.

Length Of Project:  Ongoing – this work will be ongoing every day the Theater is open for volunteer projects.

Commitment:   We ask that people be willing to volunteer for at least three hours on a given day.

To get involved with this project, or for more info, email:

Or call (201) 798-6055

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