The Show WILL Go On

If you’re a patron and fan of the Loew’s Jersey Theatre and Friends of the Loew’s, you may have noticed that there’s not been a lot of info about ongoing volunteer work and upcoming programming on our website and in social media over the last couple of months.  In fact, the Theatre office has received some worried phone calls from people who remember the problems FOL has had to deal with in the past, and were afraid that some new challenge was afoot.

It’s not right to unduly worry the Theatre’s fans, so I realize I owe everyone a brief explanation.

The Loew’s is a pretty big theatre, and FOL does some pretty big things – but our staff is really pretty small. As every small business manager knows, that means each one of us has a lot to do, and there’s just not a lot of spare capacity available to help out if something unusual happens.

For much of the Summer, the “something unusual” was the fact that my father was dealing with a variety of health issues; then a few weeks ago, at the time when publicity and prepping for the Loew’s new season needed to go into high gear, my Dad suffered a medical crisis, which unfortunately continues even at this writing.

I realize full well that I am not the only person who’s needed to help an older parent deal with serious medical issues, and I am sure that some people have been able to do so while maintaining their balance and being able to also keep up with everything else on their plates.  Unfortunately, I have not proved to be so capable over these last weeks, and as a result Loew’s programming and planning are behind schedule.  I regret that very much, and apologize to Loew’s patrons, supporters and volunteers.

But the old theatre tradition that “the show must go on” is important – and the Loew’s needs to uphold it as much as possible.  This weekend was supposed to be the start of our regular monthly two day film series.  Though we won’t have a movie on Friday night, we WILL have two on Saturday:

“Lilies of the Field” starring Sidney Poitier; 1963 — at 6PM;

followed by

“Superman” starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, Marlon Brando; 1978  — at 8PM.

What’s the connection?  With all the terrible destruction from hurricanes in the news, we thought it would be reassuring to remember a couple of Supermen – one, a super hero; the other, just a man who does something super.

And as the show goes on at the Loew’s this Saturday, so too will the Loew’s place in our collective social conscience:  a portion of the proceeds from both screenings will be donated to hurricane relief efforts.

The circumstance of such a short lead time means we will screen these two titles digitally – both reported to be very good transfers.

There’s also not enough time left to do a lot of advertising, so we hope you’ll help spread the word on social media and, of course, the old-fashioned way by telling friends.  It will be both a fun start to the Loew’s new season, and a way to do some good.

– Colin Egan