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September 2016
September 2016
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Golden Door International Film Festival
September 22 - September 25 (All day event) at Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre


Attention Movie Lovers:
The Loew's resident film festival, the Golden Door International Film Festival, is back for its 6th year. Of course, the Loew's is at the center of this exciting indie film event -- the Opening Reception, Saturday film blocks and the closing Award Ceremony will all be here. But there are also many other screening venues ALL AROUND Jersey City.

So check out the schedule, pick some films that you're curious about, and make sure to be at the Loew's for the Festival's opening and grand finale!


Dirty Harry
September 30 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM at Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre

Dirty Harry

Starring Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino, Reni Santoni, John Vernon.
Directed by Don Siegel.  102min, 1971, Color.  Rated R.
Screened in 35mm

“You’ve got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

This is one of the best examples of how a somewhat different (usually shorter) line than the actual quote can become irrevocably linked with a movie and part of the cultural lexicon.  Most people think Eastwood said “Do you feel lucky, punk?!” Dirty Harry was a violent and controversial movie when it debuted, but it successfully expressed some of the most potent fears and feelings of its day, and it was very popular. It cemented Eastwood’s place in our pop-culture pantheon. And it has come to be appreciated as a well acted and directed evocation of 1970s American culture.

Admission: $8 for adults; $6 for seniors (65+) and children (12 & younger).
Combination discounts available.  

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