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They say the devil is in the details. But there's nothing hellacious about the extraordinary architectural details that hide in plain sight all around the Landmark Loew's Jersey. And that's not the devil pictured here, but a little green something hidden amid one of those details. Can you figure out what and where it is? Take a swing at it (hint: to do that, you'd have to be quite tall), and later we'll show everybody.

Where Is That? — A new feature!

They say the devil is in the details. But there’s nothing hellacious about the extraordinary architectural details that hide in plain sight all around the Landmark Loew’s Jersey. And that’s not the devil pictured here, but a little green something hidden amid one of those details.

Can you figure out where and what it is?

Stories and Announcements

Upcoming Films: Nov 21, 2020

Thanksgiving & Presidential Mania 
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Starring Steve Martin, John Candy. Directed by John Hughes. 1987, 93 mins., Color. Screened in 35mm.
Health experts have advised us not to travel this Thanksgiving. After seeing this hilarious tale of woe of trying to get home for the Turkey Day festivities, that may not seem to be such a hardship after all. Director John Hughes had a knack for absurdist but simultaneously warm-hearted humor that skewers the ridiculousness of everyday life.
Steve Martin is a frustrated Everyman slowly being driven to distraction by his incorrigible — but also oddly endearing — unexpected travel companion, John Candy. Both Martin and Candy played similar types in other films, but these were respectively among their most successful incarnations. 
Duck Soup
Starring the Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont. Directed by Leo McCarey.  1933, 70 mins., B&W. Screened digitally.
If you think politics are crazy now, Groucho Marx and his brothers demonstrate that things could be … well, just as bad. But funnier.
Now considered one of the Marx Brothers’ best movies, “Duck Soup” actually was a box office failure and led to the group losing their contract at Paramount Pictures. Audiences mired in the Great Depression just didn’t get the extreme, and at times surreal comedy. But in the years since, the movie with Groucho as the President of the Mythical Freedonia, who insults everyone in his inaugural address and sings a song about abusing his power, has come to be seen as satirical genius, perhaps never more so than in the current political climate.

Covid-19 Precautions

Masks must be worn above the nose in the Theatre at all times except when eating & drinking concessions.

Distancing is required when in line.

Only alternate rows in the auditorium will be used, and patrons who are not part of one party will be expected to sit at least two seats apart.

Hand sanitizer will be available at multiple stations in the Loew’s. 

 Doors, handrails, etc. will be periodically wiped down by Theatre staff during events.

 Information from ticket sales will be provided to official contact tracers should the need arise.

The Theatre will make every effort to have the auditorium ready and open at the time patrons start to enter the building so as to reduce the need to congregate in the Lobby.

Leaving and re-entering the building between multiple screenings will be allowed to help reduce wait lines and congregating in the Lobby, provided patrons keep proof of ticket purchase.

The Magic Lives Again

In the fall of 1929, The Loew’s Corporation opened 5 astonishing movie palaces that quickly became to be known as “Wonder Theaters” due to their size and beauty. They truly were a wonder to behold with the most magnificent and elaborate ornamentation of any theaters in the region. Four of the theaters were located in New York City and the fifth right here in Journal Square – The Loew’s Jersey Theatre.

No expense was spared on the buildings or the patrons’s experience. Before every show, the audiences’ journey to the magic realm of the movies began when the Loew’s Jersey organ rose from below the stage and rotated around to reveal the console and organist. Thousands of pipes thundered out as the organists’s hands and feet danced across the keyboards. The moviegoers sat entranced as the opening song of the evening flowed from that magical white and gold leaf-covered box, washing over them.

Night after night, long after the rest of the area theatres gave up using their organs because of increased cost cutting, the music continued at The Loew’s Jersey. But eventually, when the movie industry fell on hard times and theaters started to close, the organ was removed and the Loew’s Jersey went dark.


Logo of The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theater in Jersey City, NJ

About Friends of the Loew’s

Friends of the Loew’s believes that The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre must serve its community as a not-for-profit arts and entertainment center that increases the visibility and role of the performing arts in the lives of the diverse peoples who live in Hudson County and our whole region. It must strive to present a broad spectrum of quality programming that breaks down preconceived divisions between different performance disciplines — artificial divisions that prevent many people, especially young people, from thoroughly exploring and enjoying the rich diversity of performance art. This programming must highlight the best accomplishments of American popular stage and motion picture arts.

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