Your donations to The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre do make a difference.

Thanks to the donations made by supportive people like you, the Friends of the Loew's have been able to:

  • Commission new hands for and begin restoration of the Seth Thomas clock atop the theatre
  • Purchase and install a modern theatrical lighting system and instruments
  • Purchase and install a new live performance sound system
  • Create and install new drapery on the front lobby doors
  • Commission and install a new stage curtain with automated controls
  • Continue the restoration of the seating in the balcony
  • Produce the annual Landmark Loew's Jersey Holiday Show 
  • Present famous film stars, directors and other notable cinema figures in person at select film screenings
  • Make so many of the needed repairs that allow The Landmark Loew's Jersey to be able to operate 
  • And much, much more!

Every dollar donated is another step toward restoring this treasured theatre and supporting our programs of films, live presentations and more. Your donation today shows your commitment to preserving our heritage while also making a positive investment in our future. Together, we are creating a place – owned by the people of Jersey City – for the people and artists of Jersey City to share and enjoy their gifts.

Marcus Loew, founder of Loew's, MGM and the builder of The Landmark Loew's Jersey, once said, "I long ago learned that success cannot be weighed by the money at one's command. When you come down to the real facts I guess the most successful man is the one that has made the world a better place to live in and the people in it a little happier."  Won't you help make the world a better, happier place today by making a donation?

Thank you for your contribution!



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Every dollar given helps our restoration efforts and supports the arts at the Landmark Loew's Jersey.