Whether you are 9 or 90, there's a role for you. Become an usher, a ticket taker, a concessions assistant or share your unique skills to help restore the theatre. If you have never fixed leaky plumbing or repaired a faulty circuit, here's your perfect opportunity to learn on the job!

Loew's Jersey volunteers contribute to all aspects of the theatre's restoration and operation. Even if you don't have a special skill, your enthusiaism to help is more than welcome.


What Volunteers Do

What do Landmark Loew's Jersey Volunteers Do?

Event Operations

At every event there is a need for assistance. Concession operators, ushers, ticket sales and backstage volunteers are needed. If you enjoy the films and want to become an even more involved particpant, give volunteering at an event a try. You'll find it the most rewarding experience ever!


Balcony Seat Installation

Every Saturday (except holiday weekends) from 11:30 AM to 5PM during the Summer, FOL will be working to rehabilitate and re-install seating in the Theatre’s balcony. The Loew’s balcony is almost as large as our orchestra floor, and has magnificent sightlines. While some patrons don’t even realize it’s there, others often ask when it will be open again. And the increase in overall seating capacity will allow us to book bigger acts. But before we can re-open the balcony to the public, we need to restore its seats. Some of our volunteers are disassembling, de-rusting, de-gumming and degreasing the mechanical parts of the balcony seats in a workshop area dedicated just to this project. Others are working in the balcony itself to clean the seat frames that remain bolted to the floor. Once all this prep work is done, we are going to paint all the parts and re-assemble them along with the newly reupholstered seat backs and cushions. It’s a very BIG and very IMPORTANT job. And you can play an important part in it! Anyone who's willing and able to work with their hands can help. Basic hand tool proficiency and painting experience is helpful. Besides the Balcony work, there are other ways you can get involved .


Maintenance and Housekeeping

On most every Saturday from 11:30AM to 5PM, you can help FOL with the fundamental maintenance and housekeeping that’s absolutely necessary for the Loew’s to stay open: everything from polishing brass, to sorting supplies, moving equipment, cleaning, even changing some of the HUNDREDS of light bulbs throughout the Theatre. Don’t be fooled – this may sound rather basic, but it’s all very important and FOL can use your help to get it done. AND there’s a lot more we’d like to accomplish . . . BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN HELP As restoration of the Loew’s progresses, more and more of the projects FOL needs to advance require the participation of some volunteers with a higher degree of specific skills. These skills include: general construction, carpentry, painting, light mechanical, furniture refinishing, electrical, plumbing -- even sewing!


Office/Clerical, Graphic Design and Public Relations

And in addition to construction and restoration related work, the expanding operation of the Theatre also needs volunteers with office/clerical, graphic design and public relations experience. If you have any of these skills – the Loew’s can use your help! Call us at (201) 798-6055 to set a time when you can come to the Theatre and find out more about how you can make a real difference.


Our volunteers have already done much work toward these goals - but there’s still much more to do.

A Call for Help on Construction Projects

We are putting out a call for volunteers with specific skills for one special project. (Of course, volunteer help of all kinds and skill levels is always more than welcome.)

But right now, we really need the help of a couple of people with experience in installing and spackling sheet rock, installing hollow-metal doors and frames in sheet-rock walls, and hanging office-type drop-in ceilings.

FOL needs to expand our office and we think this work will take four to six Saturdays (not necessarily consecutive), if done by experienced people. We're hoping  you'll consider committing this time to accomplish this important renovation project.

If you fit this description and would like to help, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (201) 798-6055.

Project List

Projects listed under "General" are tasks that do not require specialized skills or experience.

General - Light Duty, Janitorial, Etc.

  1. Tag and label circuits & switches
  2. Polishing of Brass and Other Metal Surfaces
  3. Surface and Space Preparation for Restoration or Reuse
  4. Wash and Paint Shelves & Walls
  5. Clean & Polish Marble Stalls in Restrooms
  6. Thoroughly Clean & Repolish Floors in Restrooms
  7. Clean Balcony Seating Parts
  8. Spot Rust Removal in Balcony
  9. Cleaning of Stanchions in Balcony
  10. Clean concrete floor in Balcony
  11. Prepare Balcony Stanchions for Paining by Masking Floor & Risers
  12. Clean Out Rooms Previously Home to Pigeons
  13. Install/Replace Light Bulbs in Fixtures & Architectural Features


Skill Specific Projects

These projects need volunteers with specialized experience or skills.


  1. Install Door Hardware & Adjust
  2. Install Drop-In Grid Ceiling, Drop in Tiles & Fixtures
  3. Rebuild Suspended Ceiling Dressing Room
  4. Create Dollies for Large Lobby Table Legs
  5. Re-install Grills Beneath Old Projection Boxes
  6. Reinforce/Repair Stall Doors in Restrooms
  7. Install Wheels on Lobby Display Cases
  8. Build Hanging Racks for spray painting
  9. Repair/Replace Counters



  1. Install stage plug outlets
  2. Run conduit for 1 circuit per room
  3. Install BX whips for new drop-in
  4. Replace electrical conductors to Repair/replace façade
  5. Repair outlet grand staircase niche
  6. Install switch in toilet room
  7. Continue restoration of aisle lighting
  8. Continue new orch lift controls
  9. Permanently install cable for New outlets at rear of lobby
  10. Install temp lighting in work areas in basement



  1. Seat numbering
  2. Change casters on 2 Altecs Projectors
  3. Anchor Sink/Re-secure Loose Seat Stanchions
  4. Reassemble painted seat parts
  5. Attach assemble parts to seat
  6. Check/recaulk along garage side
  7. Recaulk south building wall
  8. Insulate steam/condensate pipe
  9. Additional support for organ cable
  10. Check/recaulk al joints in coping
  11. Reinstall Seating End Standards incl re-attache electrical
  12. Finish wall scraping
  13. Continue prepping Restroom stalls & door
  14. Remove old marking tape



  1. Attach new flex duct & grill to vents
  2. Install flex duct to existing duct
  3. Install flex duct to existing vent



  1. Continue to "de-burr" plaster
  2. Fill opening for fire stopping
  3. Reattach ceramic tiles and grout
  4. Clean, re-route floor
  5. Re-attach tile and grout in stall room
  6. Patch/replace missing tiles
  7. Check for & patch loose areas DrsngRm Hall
  8. Repair Floor
  9. Prep -- complete sealing of Base Patch



  1. Prime, spackle & prime plaster walls
  2. Prime stalls & door
  3. Extend black paint up wall Steps up to stage, SR & SL
  4. Prep, prime, repaint fire corridor Stage Right Stairway to DR Stage Left Stairway to DR Wash & paint shelves & walls
  5. Repaint Temp
  6. Paint underlying wall



  1. Check, change radiator valves and traps throughout Theatre
  2. Finish install of ss sink
  3. Finish install of deep sink
  4. Install of washer/dryer
  5. Replace outer lobby unit heater
  6. Replace outer lobby radiator
  7. Repair, replace leaking steam
  8. Install 2nd sink in each of main restrooms
  9. Replace flushometer and piping
  10. Replace steam return pipe



  1. Finish Patch
  2. Repair surviving plaster
  3. Sheetrock stud wall
  4. Re-skin front wall


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