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Volunteer at the Landmark Loew’s Jersey

Volunteering at the Loew’s — getting involved because you believe the Loew’s Jersey is worth your time & effort — is a tradition that began when a small group came together to try to do something that most other people thought was impossible: fight to save this landmark Theater from demolition. After that hard battle was finally won, Jersey City promised lots of support to reopen the long-derelict Loew’s as an arts center for our community. But unfortunately, much of that promised support never came. So Friends of the Loew’s began what many people thought was another impossible mission: use volunteer help to restore and renovate the Loew’s.

Because of this volunteer-based effort, FOL was able to reopened the shuttered Theatre, at first for very limited operations. Jersey City again promised help for additional work needed to make the Theatre more functional, but again did not deliver. And this lack of follow-through by the City has made major private fundraising very difficult.

But fortunately FOL has continued to be able to do remarkable things with volunteer help – restoring and maintaining a massive landmark, and also making technical upgrades to better facilitate bigger and more frequent productions. Call it bootstrapping on an epic scale.

Would you be willing to join us by giving a day — or maybe a few — to this unique and successful effort?

With the Theatre closed in the Summer for programming, there will be volunteer work going on every Saturday this Summer (except July 2 and September 3) from 11:30AM to 5:30PM. Depending on the project, some weekdays or evenings may also be scheduled. Some projects will be happening every Saturday, while others will be scheduled as people sign up for them.

Follow the project links below to learn about some of the ways you can help make the Loew’s even better this Summer.

[button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Chandeliers[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Table Refinish[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Marquee[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Balcony[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Railing For Tech[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Drapes[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Audio&Lighting[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Seat Tune-Up[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]ADA Room Prt 1[/button][button link=”” bgcolor=”#f00000″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]General Help[/button] More Coming Soon

Got questions? We’d be glad to answer them. Email [email protected]; or call (201) 798-6055.


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